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Stone-ground corn has unique properties from roller-ground because the heat produced by the former process is much less.  It is claimed that the lower temperature retains more of the natural flavor. But more importantly the process used in heritage grist mills is in the germ of the corn kernel.

Structure of maize kernel (Source:

Modern commercial milling includes a step to remove the Germ to prolong shelf life.  As a result store-bought corn meal or grits can last almost indefinitely, but the creamy taste suffers.  When the product produced with our process is consumed, there is an enhanced flavor, especially noted in grits.

We recommend keeping corn meal and grits from Britain Mill refrigerated until cooked.  Our experience so far has shown that the product is still tasty and free of spoilage signs after five years of refrigerated storage.

Our products, Corn Meal and Grits are sold in one-pound bags and stamped with the date of grinding.


Corn Meal – $2.00/bag          Grits – $3.50/bag

Available at the mill.  Orders can be shipped via USPS


Try our delicious recipes with our products! You can download a PDF copy of them here.