Power Transmission

Originally, the mill was water powered.  A reservoir was contained behind the dam on Turnback Creek.  A mill race led from the dam, about 200 yards, to the mill. The below diagram depicts the “original” (1840’s) mill location  and its paddle wheel and a “turbine pit” which served the later (1892) two-storied mill. The “sluice” was added by Bill Cameron in his restoration project, which has never functioned as intended.

A set of two gates in the mill race controlled the water flow to the water turbine or paddle wheel.

Currently, the mill’s equipment is all electrically-driven by two motors.  One is mounted in the overhead, driving a line shaft which has pulleys to power both the elevator and the sifter.  There is also an option to rotate the water wheel, simply for ambiance. Who doesn’t expect to see a water wheel at a grist mill?

Overhead line shaft, belts and pullys powering the sifter and elevator