Before actually grinding corn, our process starts by freezing the shelled corn for at least one week to insure insects and their eggs will remain inactive in the final products.   The corn kernels are then cleaned of leaves, cob pieces, and other debris from the crop harvesting. We use a hand-operated corn cleaner for this step.

Corn kernels are poured onto the solid plate and the swing bed is shaken back and forth.  The material slides down, passing through two sieves to separate the trash and dust. The cleaned kernels are collected in the wooden box at the end.

Our grinder is electrically driven with its own motor.  The grain is introduced into the black hopper, with a controlled flow to the shaker and into the auger to the burr stones.

Adjustments are made to the spacing between the burr stones for optimum product size as the grinding is in process.

The output is gravity-fed to the elevator for transfer to the sifting operation.