Turnback Creek

Touring Turnback Creek

The creek, with headwaters about 30 miles southwest, makes a turn west just at our property line, heading for a confluence with Goose Creek near our western boundary.  A small dam interrupts the flow just short of Goose Creek and then it turns north headed for Lake Stockton in another 40 miles where it gives up its identity.

The creek has served as a power source for as many as a dozen mills over the years.  The mills have ground grain, sawn lumber, carded wool, and even woven textiles.  Today Britain Mill is the only operating mill left on Turnback Creek.

In its short passage across our property, it displays many different faces, some of which are seen below:



Steve Snyder, Images of the Ozarks


Geese in line

Canada geese nesting every spring




Trees arch across the creek, as seen from the ferry






Freezing creek

Chilly bath water





Misty Creek

Misty Morn



The creek still blocked seven months after the 2007 Ice Storm