Turnback & Forth Self-Serve Ferry


The creek that runs across our property cuts it in almost two equal sections.  The south section was difficult to access from the north section, which is where the living quarters are located.  Early in our tenure here, a suspension bridge was contemplated, seriously enough to lay supporting cables and a tower.

Reality prevented further construction and a ferry was constructed instead – MUCH cheaper and easier to replace in subsequent floods.  Below is a link to a short video showing the first edition of TB&F SSF in use.

Crossing Turnback Creek 


The passage of time has proven the wisdom of a ferry over a bridge.  Too many times to count, the ferry and/or its components have been driven downstream with high water that would have also seriously damaged any reasonable bridge we could have constructed.  The flood water provides the energy, but the floating debris is the hammer that causes the destruction, often riding several feet higher than the water level.

A few examples of Ferry vs. Flood:

ferry4 ferry11 IMG_1342 Right ladder
























































On multiple occasions the ferry has washed beyond the dam, but thankfully recovered and put back in service.